Sig p320 AXG Scorpion Problems & Their Solutions

The SIG Sauer P320 AXG Scorpion is a powerful, reliable handgun with a reputation for accuracy and dependability.

But, just like any firearm, it can suffer problems if not properly maintained.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the common issues associated with the SIG P320 AXG Scorpion and offer potential solutions to help keep your weapon in top operating condition.

Common issues are the slide becoming hung up on the frame, Extractor Problems, trigger reset problems,magazine problems. FTF Issues, Trigger reset issues, Failure to feed, and more.

So, if you need help troubleshooting your SIG, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more!

Common Sig p320 AXG Scorpion Problems and Their Solution

Troubleshooting SIG P320 AXG Scorpion issues is a common task for the owner. Here are some of the common predicaments and how to address them efficiently.

1. FTF Issues

FTF is when a cartridge is not fed properly into the chamber of your gun, which can cause a malfunction in the firing process.

There are several reasons why FTF can happen, including magazine issues, ammunition problems, and several others.

Knowing the root cause of FTF is vital in finding the right solution to fix it. Here are some of the most common causes of FTF, along with some ways to fix them step by step.

Magazine Issues:

Magazine-related issues are the most common causes of FTF. Sometimes, the magazines might not be seated correctly, or the rounds might get stuck in the magazine.


Start by removing the magazine and the slide from the Sig p320 AXG Scorpion. Ensure that the magazine is cleaned, and there are no debris or obstructions. Check if the magazine is seated correctly and if it engages the slide stop.

Ammunition Problems:

Sometimes, ammo can be problematic, resulting in FTF. It might be a result of low-quality ammunition or the ammo’s improper seating in the magazine.


Inspect the rounds carefully and ensure that they are not damaged or dented. It would be best to use high-quality ammunition that is factory-seated correctly. Ensure that the rounds in the magazine are correctly seated, and the magazine is loaded into the gun correctly.

Other Factors:

There can be several other causes of FTF, including improper cleaning, lubrication, and mechanical issues.


If the above-mentioned solutions don’t work, consider cleaning and lubricating the gun. You can also try changing the recoil spring or seeking professional help from a gunsmith if the issue persists.

2. Slide Rattle Issues:

Slide Rattle occurs when the slide moves excessively, making noise and causing reduced accuracy.

Several causes of the issue include loose tolerances, weak recoil springs, damaged parts, poor quality ammunition, and overuse.

Causes of Slide Rattle Issues:

1. Loose Tolerances: This is a common reason for slide rattle in firearms. The parts in your handgun may become more loose over time, causing them to move around excessively. The manufacturing process of the firearm and environmental factors can also contribute to looseness.

2. Weak Recoil Spring: A weak recoil spring can cause slide rattle when the slide doesn’t return to the correct position after discharging a round. The spring may need to be replaced or upgraded for a smoother operation.

3. Damaged Part: Another reason for slide rattle can be due to a damaged or worn-out component. Identify and replace parts such as the extractor, recoil spring, or slide stop if they are visibly worn or damaged.

4. Poor Quality Ammunition: Shooting with low quality or dirty ammunition can cause the slide to become dirty and cause malfunction. Ensure to use high-quality ammunition to avoid this issue.

5. Overuse: Continuous firearm use can cause wear and tear on the internal components and looseness of tolerances. The slide may become wobbly or loose.

How Can You Fix Slide Rattle Issues:

1. Tighten Tolerances: Tightening the tolerances between the slide and frame can reduce slide rattle. You can adjust the slide’s fit in the frame by adding shims, replacing the barrel or slide stop, or resizing the frame rails.

2. Upgrading Recoil Springs: Replace the current recoil spring with a stronger one. This will improve the firearm’s performance and lower slide rattle. Be sure to buy a spring that matches your firearm’s caliber and model.

3. Replace Damaged Parts: Identify and replace damaged parts in your handgun. If you are uncertain of the internal workings of your firearm, take it to a certified gunsmith for repairs.

4. Quality Ammunition: Use high-quality ammunition for optimal performance and reduce the buildup of dirt and debris. This will improve the longevity of your firearm and prevent slide rattle.

5. Reduce Overuse: Limit your firearm use to a certain round count or frequency. This will prevent overuse and subsequent wear and tear on internal components.

3. Extractor Problems

The extractor is responsible for pulling the spent casing out of the chamber after a shot has been fired. Without a properly functioning extractor, your firearm’s reliability and performance can be severely impacted.

There are several reasons why an extractor may fail to operate correctly. A worn or damaged extractor is a common cause.

Over time, the extractor can wear down or become damaged from use. If this happens, the extractor may not be able to properly grip the casing, leading to extraction failure.

Another potential issue is a dirty or fouled extractor channel. This can cause the extractor to become stuck or otherwise unable to function correctly.

Inadequate lubrication is another possible cause of extractor problems. Without proper lubrication, the extractor may not be able to slide smoothly, leading to failures.

A weak extractor spring is another suspect when it comes to extraction failures. If the spring isn’t robust enough, it may not be able to provide enough pressure to extract the casing.

Finally, ammunition issues or problems with the magazine can also cause problems with extraction.

Bad ammunition can fail to properly seat in the chamber, while magazine problems can cause feeding issues that prevent the casing from being properly extracted.

To fix an extractor problem, there are several steps you can take. First, you should inspect the extractor to see if it appears to be worn or damaged.

If it is, then it will likely need to be replaced. You should also check the extractor channel to make sure it is clean and free of debris. If it is dirty, you can clean it with a soft-bristled brush.

Next, you should inspect the extractor spring to see if it appears to be weak or damaged. If it is, you will need to replace it. Finally, you should examine your ammunition and magazine to make sure they are not contributing to the extraction issue.

4. RSA Issues:

The recoil spring assembly is a key component in the firearm. It works to control the movement of the slide, preventing it from violently slamming back and forth as the gun is fired.

The spring helps to absorb the force of the recoil and ensures that the slide returns to its original position, ready to fire again.

Several factors can cause issues with the recoil spring assembly in the Sig p320 AXG Scorpion. One of the most common causes is wear and tear.

Over time, the spring can become worn or damaged, compromising its ability to function properly. Another factor that can lead to issues is the use of lower quality ammunition.

This can put undue stress on the spring and cause it to fail prematurely.

When faced with issues related to the recoil spring assembly, it is important to take action to address the problem. The good news is that, in most cases, it is possible to fix the issue. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Disassemble the gun. To do this, first, ensure that the firearm is unloaded. Then, remove the magazine and clear the chamber.

Once the gun is empty, remove the slide by pulling the takedown lever down and pushing the slide forward.

Step 2: Remove the recoil spring assembly. This should be located on the underside of the slide. To remove it, push it forward and then up, lifting it out of the slide.

Step 3: Inspect the recoil spring assembly for damage. Look for any signs of wear or damage on the spring itself as well as the assembly.

Step 4: Replace the recoil spring assembly if necessary. If there is any noticeable damage, it is essential to replace the assembly.

Sig p320 AXG Scorpion owners can purchase replacement assemblies or individual springs.

Step 5: Reassemble the gun. Once the new recoil spring assembly is in place, reassemble the gun in the reverse order, starting with the slide.

In conclusion, the recoil spring assembly is a crucial component in the Sig p320 AXG Scorpion. Issues with the assembly can arise from wear and tear as well as the use of low-quality ammunition. Thankfully, fixing these issues can be done with a few simple steps. Remember to always prioritize safety and consult a professional if necessary. Happy shooting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the AXG on the Scorpion?

The AXG on the Scorpion is an Advanced Xtreme Grip (AXG) system. This system is designed to provide enhanced grip and traction on various surfaces.

The AXG system uses a combination of aggressive tread blocks and a multi-directional lug pattern to help provide superior traction and grip in wet, dry, and off-road conditions. This system also helps to provide a more comfortable and responsive ride.

Does the new P320 AGX Scorpion have holes drilled that are a direct fit for a Holosun 507?

No, the new P320 AGX Scorpion does not have holes pre-drilled that are a direct fit for a Holosun 507. If you wish to mount a Holosun 507, you must drill and tap the appropriate holes in the pistol frame.

Will a P320 AXG Carry Medium Grip Module fit with the P320 AGX Scorpion?

Yes, the P320 AXG Carry Medium Grip Module will fit with the P320 AGX Scorpion. However, please note that the grip angle of the P320 AXG Carry Medium Grip Module may be slightly different from the P320 AGX Scorpion due to the different frame designs.


The SIG P320 AXG Scorpion has had a lot of love from users, and for good reason. The grip is wonderfully comfortable, providing an impressive amount of control. Great looks join in with the smooth ball-bearing action of the slide.

The trigger is highly adjustable to provide just the right resistance without sacrificing responsiveness.

However, there are some issues with its 17 rd magazines, but that’s a small price to pay given its weight and size notched up against similar guns such as the 225s, 229s or 226s.

Best of all, though, it is just how easy it is to shoot good groups with it; so much so that no SIG fan should miss out on this amazing gun and its slightly higher-than-normal price tag.

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