Common Taurus 608 Problems And Solutions

Are you a proud owner of the Taurus 608? It seems that way since it’s been one of the most popular firearms on the market lately.

Taurus 608 Problems

However, as with any firearm, issues can arise over time – especially when it comes to revolvers.

If your Taurus 608 isn’t functioning as well as it should be, don’t panic!

In this blog post, we’ll review some common problems associated with the 608 revolvers and provide some solutions so you can get back to shooting smoothly in no time.

Some of the most common issues with Taurus 608 are Problems with the magazine, Cylinder Locking Problems, Problems with the slide, Problem Shooting .38 Ammo, Problems with the trigger, Tough to Put in Ammo, and Problems with grip and comfort and Low Accuracy.

Common Taurus 608 Problems and Solutions

Let’s look into the details about the common problems with Taurus 608 and how to fix them.

1. Failure To Eject Rounds

The Taurus 608 Pistol is a great choice for those who need an accurate and reliable firearm.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that their pistol has experienced failure to eject rounds from the chamber.

This can be quite alarming and may even lead to dangerous situations, so it is important to understand why this might be happening and how to fix it.

The main reason behind the failure to eject rounds is due to improper ammunition or a faulty magazine.

If the ammunition being used does not meet the specifications for your pistol, it may cause difficulties with the mechanism, thus leading to a jam or misfire during operation.

It’s also possible that the magazine is damaged somehow, preventing rounds from feeding correctly and causing them to remain lodged in the chamber instead of being ejected as they should.

In order to fix the failure to eject rounds on your Taurus 608 pistol, you will first need to check that you’re using suitable ammunition that meets all specifications listed in your gun’s manual.

Double-check any magazines you’re using as well; if they appear worn or damaged, you may need to replace them before attempting any further troubleshooting steps.

Next, you will want to thoroughly clean both your gun and its magazines to remove any debris or residue that could prevent the proper functioning of the mechanism.

Ensure you use only gun cleaning supplies explicitly designed for firearms; harsh chemicals such as oil or solvents may damage certain parts of your gun over time.

Once everything has been cleaned thoroughly, lubricate with just enough oil (as recommended in your gun’s manual) and reassemble; then test fire in a safe environment with suitable ammunition.

2. Problems With The Magazine

For your information, it is a heavyweight handgun, weighing over two and a half pounds without the magazine.

However, this powerful firearm can be hampered by its magazine design.

For example, the magazine needs an optimal shape, making it difficult to change out quickly or fit properly into the gun.

This problem can be exacerbated when using an aftermarket extended mag, as the wider base can make it harder to fit into the gun.

Another issue with the magazine of the Taurus 608 is that it is particularly prone to jamming and misfiring due to dirt and debris entering through gaps in the feed lips.

This issue can be especially troublesome for users who take their firearms on outdoor trips or practice shooting in dusty environments. Fortunately, there are several ways to combat these problems and improve performance with your Taurus 608 pistol magazines.

One way to address the fitting issues with extended mags is to use specialized grip extenders that can give you better control over the insertion and removal of a mag from your pistol’s handle.

Also, if you need an even longer magazine for extended-range shooting sessions, consider investing in an aftermarket aluminium or steel base pad that will allow easier fitting and secure locking when inserted into your gun’s frame.

Several options are available to reduce potential misfiring due to dirt and debris entering through gaps on the feed lips of your Taurus 608 magazines.

A rubber cap on top of each mag keeps dirt, dust and other materials from getting blown into through openings on top of each lip.

Additionally, applying lubricants such as grease or oil near the feed lips helps keep them clean, so they don’t clog up with foreign matter during operation.

As a final measure, you may also want to install a pressure seal strip around the middle and rear length of each magazine. It prevents any dust particles from finding their way inside while giving you more precise control over how tightly your mag fits into your pistol’s frame.

3. Cylinder Locking Problems

This is a common issue that many gun owners have encountered with the Taurus 608.

It happens when the shooter attempts to fire the weapon, and the cylinder will not rotate or lock into place.

When this occurs, you should never force your gun to open or close as this could cause severe damage or injury. Instead, take a few steps to see if you can troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself.

First, check the cylinder latch to ensure it’s aligned correctly and that no debris is blocking it from engaging properly. If it’s not aligned correctly, adjust it until it engages securely in its slot on the frame of your pistol.

Next, ensure all your ammunition is clean and free from debris like dirt or grime that may prevent proper engagement of your rounds with the firing pin.

If all else fails, use a toothbrush to carefully clean out any dirt or debris around the cylinder mechanism. Be sure to use a light lubricant on the moving parts after cleaning them off to help prevent future sticking issues.

4. Problems With The Slide

For your information, The slide on a pistol is responsible for chambering and ejecting cartridges after a round has been fired.

When operating correctly, it should move smoothly and easily when the trigger is pulled.

However, when something isn’t quite right, you may find that the slide locks up or doesn’t cycle properly. This can be an annoying problem if you are trying to fire your weapon without any issues.

Slides on most guns can get gummed up with dirt, grime and carbon build-up over time.

This can make the slide sluggish or hard to operate and causing jams due to misfeeds.

Another potential issue with your Taurus 608 could be worn parts inside the frame or broken springs in the recoil assembly.

Worn parts could cause cycling issues; broken springs could cause jamming or failure to eject spent casings. In some cases, incorrect lubrication of internal components can cause problems such as sticking slides or weak return springs not fully cycling rounds back into the magazine follower.

Fortunately, most of these problems can be fixed fairly easily with basic gunsmithing knowledge or by taking it apart and thoroughly cleaning all components before correctly reassembling it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Make sure you use high quality lubricant specifically designed for firearms to ensure proper performance of your weapon’s moving parts over time. Also, check for any worn-out or broken components inside your frame that may need replacing for your gun to operate reliably again.

5. Problem Shooting .38 Ammo

Trying to shoot .38 ammo out of your pistol can be a test of frustration.

This can be especially true when the gun jams or misfires. What causes this problem, and how do you fix it? The good news is that troubleshooting.38 ammo issues with your Taurus are easier than they may seem.

Here are some tips on detecting, diagnosing, and resolving potential problems with your Taurus 608 shooting .38 ammo.

The first thing to understand is that improper loading techniques or faulty components cause most problems associated with shooting .38 caliber ammunition.

For your revolver to fire accurately and reliably, you must ensure the proper alignment of the bullet and powder within each round.

If either component is misaligned, it could cause a jam or misfire. Additionally, if cartridges are cleaned regularly, residue build-up inside the cylinder can improve accuracy and performance.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to diagnose an issue with shooting .38 ammunition through your Taurus revolver:

1. Check the alignment of bullets and powder in each round before loading them into the cylinder. Ensure all rounds are seated properly before firing a shot.
2. Clean your revolver regularly using solvents designed specifically for this purpose; cleaning away residue build-up will promote more consistent cycling action and better accuracy at longer distances.
3. Inspect any cartridges after shooting them to ensure they still have their shape (e.g., no dented casings). If not, replace them immediately or risk further jamming issues due to deformed cases getting stuck in chambers when fired later.
4. Try shooting different brands of ammunition to see which type performs best through your particular firearm—one brand may cycle more reliably than another due to variations in bullet weight/powder loads between companies producing similar rounds (this is especially true with revolvers).

Following these simple steps before heading out for target practice with your Taurus 608 pistol chambered for .38 ammo, you should be able to diagnose any potential issues quickly and easily—resolving them almost as quickly as they arrived! So go ahead and try it today—you’ll be glad you did!

6. Problems With The Trigger

Despite its power and accuracy, it still needs to be a perfect weapon, as many users have experienced issues with the trigger.

When the trigger is pulled, there can be a tendency for it to ‘stick’ or become unresponsive.

This problem typically occurs when the gun has been used regularly and may manifest in inconsistent performance.

While this issue can be worrying and annoying, there are a few steps that you can take to help troubleshoot any problems with your pistol’s trigger.

Firstly, you can inspect your pistol for any wear or damage that could affect its operation.

It’s essential to ensure that all screws and pins are properly secured; anything damaged or loose must be replaced immediately. Additionally, check for excess dirt or debris on the internal components, which might make the trigger sluggish or difficult to operate.

Next, you should also take some time to clean your pistol from top to bottom – this will help remove any dirt or deposits which could build up over time and cause malfunctions.

Use a cleaning rod to reach deep into all the nooks and crannies within the mechanism of your gun so that any deposits can be cleared away quickly and efficiently.

Once complete, reassemble your pistol carefully so that everything fits together snugly – this will decrease the likelihood of further sticking occurring in future use.

Finally, consider replacing certain parts to improve performance; items such as springs, bushings and levers within your gun could benefit from an upgrade if they have worn down over time.

These parts are usually inexpensive but can greatly enhance how smoothly your trigger operates once installed correctly – so don’t forget about them when you look into improving your Taurus 608 Pistol!

7. Problems With Grip And Comfort

Recent surveys have found that nearly one in four Taurus 608 owners experience dissatisfaction with the grip and comfort of their firearm. With its double-stack magazine and textured polymer grips, this semi-automatic pistol can be difficult to handle for certain users. It’s not uncommon for shooters to struggle to maintain a secure hold on the gun while firing it.

This can make accuracy suffer, even if you’re an experienced shooter. The handle is quite large and bulky, making it difficult to get a solid grip on the weapon. Additionally, its weight can quickly become uncomfortable when shooting for extended periods.

Fortunately, a few creative solutions exist for those looking to improve their grip and comfort while shooting.

One of the most common solutions is to install aftermarket grips onto the pistol. Aftermarket grips come in all shapes and sizes, allowing shooters to find a more comfortable fit in their hands. Additionally, these grips are designed to reduce recoil and provide added grip traction while shooting.

Other enhancements, such as trigger kits, can also help improve your shooting experience with this pistol.

Trigger kits allow you to customize how fast or slow you’d like your trigger reset time, allowing you to tailor the speed of your gun’s trigger pull according to your preferences and abilities. This makes shooting more precise and accurate and adds stability when dealing with the recoil from firing multiple rounds.

In addition to aftermarket parts, other creative ideas can help improve grip and comfort while using this firearm.

Installing rubberized coatings or compounds onto certain parts of your pistol will increase friction between your hands and the gun’s surface area for better control over long-term use.

Adding accessories such as rail covers can also add increased cushioning between the muzzle end of your pistol and whatever it’s resting on during a long day in the field or range—allowing you greater comfort during use without sacrificing control over aiming precision or accuracy.

9. Low Accuracy

The Pistol is an incredibly reliable firearm, but one issue that continues to plague users of the gun is its accuracy.

The low accuracy of the Pistol can be highly frustrating for those trying to hit their target at a distance, requiring more shots and, thus, more time to make a successful hit.

This lack of accuracy can be due to various causes, including user error, improper maintenance and care, or worn-out components.

Whether it’s simply dust in the barrel or something as serious as a broken firing pin, any number of issues can negatively affect the accuracy of your shots.

If you’re having difficulty hitting your target, you can do a few things to improve your results.

First and foremost, proper cleaning and maintenance are key if you want to ensure maximum performance from your Pistol.

Keeping your gun clean and lubricated will help ensure that all parts work together properly without being hindered by dirt or debris buildup in sensitive areas.

Additionally, regularly inspecting moving parts is important – ensuring they are in good working order and free of damage or wear that could affect accuracy.

If you’re unsure how to properly clean and inspect your Pistol, it’s best to consult a qualified firearm technician who can show you what needs to be done step-by-step.

Another way to increase the accuracy of your shots with the Taurus 608 Pistol is by investing in quality ammunition that meets or exceeds factory specifications for muzzle velocity and bullet weight.

Lower-quality ammunition may have been made with something other than precision machining techniques like higher-grade rounds. If possible, choose those over cheaper alternatives – this will ensure smoother chambering times and more consistent muzzle velocities, which translates into better overall performance at longer distances.

Finally, if all else fails, consider replacing some key parts, such as sights or triggers specifically designed for enhanced accuracy when shooting from further away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the price of the Taurus 608?

It  Cost around $852.75.

Are there any special features available with the Taurus 608?

Ported Barrel, Taurus Security System (TSS), and Scope Mount.

Can you tell me what the action type of the Taurus 608 is?

Double-action and single-action type.

The Taurus 608 is made from what kind of material?

It is made of stainless steel with a matte stainless finish.

Does It Come With a Lifetime Warranty?



We hope this guide has provided helpful insight into the most common issues and solutions with the Taurus 608 revolver. Remember that proper maintenance and creative problem-solving will help you get the best performance out of your gun.

Be sure to refer to your user manual for detailed safety instructions, and then don’t forget to practice good trigger discipline to stay safe and enjoy shooting.

It is a reliable firearm, and its accuracy is dependable time after time. We take pride in having helped impart a few of the Taurus 608’s secrets to our readers today and look forward to being there for you each step along the way as you continue on this journey towards mastering your revolver!