Dp-12 Shotgun Problems and Their Solutions

The DP-12 shotgun is an impressive weapon. With its dual magazine and pump-action design, it’s become one of the most popular combat shotguns on the market.

But like any other firearm, the DP-12 can develop issues that interfere with its performance.

Dp-12 Shotgun Problems

This blog post will look at some of the most common DP-12 shotgun problems and their solutions. Whether a beginner or an experienced shooter, you’ll find valuable information to help you get the most out of your DP-12. So, let’s get started!

Some users complain some of the problems with DP-12 shotguns are Failure To Feed, failure to extract, eject problems, firing pin problems, trigger problems, Bolt Problems, recoil issues and more.

Common Dp-12 problems and Their Solutions

1. Failure to Feed:

The DP-12 shotgun is popular for recreational shooting, hunting, and home defense. However, one of the most common problems associated with this shotgun is its failure to feed properly.

This is a frustrating issue, as it can prevent you from shooting accurately and confidently. So what causes the DP-12 shotgun to fail to feed? There are several potential answers.

The most common cause is a dirty chamber, which prevents the shotgun from cycling properly. A buildup of dirt, dust, or debris inside the chamber can cause this.

Another possible cause of failure to feed is a broken shell extractor.

This is the part of the shotgun that removes the empty shell after it’s been fired. If the shell extractor is worn or broken, it may not be able to properly eject the empty shell.

Finally, a malfunctioning magazine spring may also cause the shotgun to fail to feed. If the magazine spring is too weak, it won’t be able to push the shells up into the chamber.

Now that we’ve discussed the potential causes of the DP-12 shotgun’s failure to feed, let’s look at possible solutions.

First, it’s important to keep the chamber clean and debris-free.

This can be done by regularly cleaning and lubricating the chamber with quality gun oil. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the shell extractor.

This part can be replaced relatively easily, and the replacement part should fit the DP-12 shotgun.

Finally, if a weak or broken magazine spring is causing the issue, you should replace it with a new one. This is easy to do and should resolve the problem.

2. Trigger Problems:

Trigger problems on DP-12 shotguns can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient for those who rely on their shotgun for hunting or other activities.

Unfortunately, trigger issues are not uncommon with this type of firearm, but there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the frequency of these issues.

The most common causes of trigger problems include mechanical wear and tear, improper adjustments, and poor cleaning habits.

Mechanical wear and tear is an inevitable detail associated with firearm use. Over time, parts may become worn down or broken due to regular use, leading to performance issues such as poor trigger pull or sluggish response time.

Regular firearm maintenance is one way to counteract this issue; inspecting it regularly for signs of wear or damage and replacing parts as necessary when worn out or damaged will help ensure that the gun continues to operate at peak performance.

Improper adjustment is another possible cause of trigger problems on DP-12 shotguns.

If the trigger has not been adjusted correctly, it can lead to various issues such as a heavy pull weight or a lack of responsiveness during firing sequences.

To avoid this problem, it’s important to adjust your shotgun according to manufacturer specifications to ensure proper performance from your weapon.

Finally, poor cleaning habits can cause additional trigger issues on DP-12 shotguns.

Dirt and debris build-up inside the receiver over time can lead to sluggish action or even misfires due to breaking down the moving parts inside the gun over time if left unchecked.

It’s important to properly clean your gun after each use in order to maintain peak performance and ensure the reliable operation of your weapon system.

3. Failure to Extract:

FTE can be caused by many factors, ranging from ammunition issues to mechanical problems within the firearm. To identify and solve the underlying causes of FTE in your Dp-12, it is important to understand the possible causes and solutions available.

One possible cause of FTE in a Dp-12 shotgun is an incompatibility between the ammunition and the gun’s chambering. If the ammunition being used is not compatible with the chambering of your shotgun, then it may not feed properly, resulting in a Failure to Extract.

Additionally, if too much fouling or debris is built up on the moving parts within your firearm, this can also cause an FTE issue.

To address these potential issues, it is important to use proper ammunition that matches your shotgun chambering and regularly cleaning and maintaining your firearm to keep its internal parts free of fouling or debris.

Another possibility for FTE in a Dp-12 shotgun is that there may be an issue with one or more of its internal parts, such as worn-out extractors or ejectors or broken springs.

These components may need to be replaced before being able to properly address any FTE issue within the firearm. It is also possible that improper assembly of certain components may lead to FTE problems.

If you have recently disassembled and reassembled, then it would be wise to inspect each part for proper function and assembly before use.

4. Ejector Problems:

Owners of the Dp-12 have been noticing ejection problems lately.

The most common cause for an ejector problem is an improper assembly of the shotgun.

Whether due to user error or manufacturer’s defect, incorrectly assembled components can cause the gun to jam or fail to eject shells correctly.

To ensure proper assembly, users should always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before assembling the gun themselves. It’s also a good idea to check that all parts are in working order before shooting and ensure there are no signs of wear or damage.

Another possible cause for an ejector problem is inadequate maintenance.

Without regular cleaning and lubrication, dirt and debris can build up inside the gun’s action resulting in poor performance, including frequent jams and misfires.

To keep your DP-12 Shotgun running smoothly, periodically clean and lubricate its moving parts as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, some shooters may experience an ejector problem due to using faulty ammunition or incorrect shell size.

When purchasing ammunition users must verify that their chosen rounds are compatible with their gun model and caliber as noted by their firearms manufacturer.

Additionally, when loading shells into their shotgun users need to ensure that they are using appropriate shell sizes for their particular gun model; using too small or large a shell size can lead to loader failure which in turn can result in an ejector problem.

5. Firing Pin Problems:

This is a common issue seen in firearms, particularly shotguns, known as the firing pin problem.

The causes of this problem can be varied and understanding them is essential for finding an appropriate solution.

So what could be causing a firing pin problem? There are several potential causes of a firing pin issue with the DP-12 shotgun. One potential cause is a faulty or damaged cartridge.

If the cartridge does not have an adequate seal, it may fail to ignite properly, resulting in improper or failed ignition. Another potential cause is an excessive buildup of carbon deposits in the chamber.

This buildup can reduce the efficiency of gas pressure generated by firing and cause poor primer ignition and failure to fire.

Additionally, issues with the firing pins themselves can lead to problems with ignition, such as clogged firing pins or worn-out components that prevent proper functioning.

To best address these issues and resolve them effectively, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the underlying cause.

Therefore, examining the gun carefully for any signs of damage or malfunctioning parts is key in diagnosing and addressing this issue.

Suppose there is evidence of a faulty cartridge or excessive buildup of carbon deposits in the chamber. In that case, they should be addressed first before attempting any repairs on the firearm itself.

Additionally, if you suspect that something might be wrong with the firing pin itself then it’s important to take apart the gun and inspect it more closely before attempting any repairs on your own.

6. Bolt Problems:

The most common cause of bolt problems with a DP-12 shotgun is an issue with the firing pin.

This component helps ignite a round when the trigger is pulled, but if it becomes damaged or dirty, it may be unable to do its job correctly.

Another possible cause could be a worn-out extractor claw, which helps pull fired rounds out of the chamber.

A broken or worn-out extractor claw can affect how smoothly rounds are cycled through the action, which can lead to bolt malfunctions.

Additionally, accumulating dirt or debris in the chamber can lead to bolt issues due to increased friction between moving parts.

The best way to prevent these problems is by regularly cleaning and inspecting your gun for signs of wear or damage.

You should also check for any obstructions in the chamber that could impede proper cycling.

Additionally, you should use high-quality ammo tested for reliable performance and regularly replace worn-out components like firing pins and extractor claws to ensure optimal performance.

With regular maintenance and care, you can help ensure that your DP-12 shotgun will perform reliably when needed.

Recoil Spring:

First, let’s consider what could cause the recoil spring problem in a DP-12 shotgun. One possible explanation is that the spring is not correctly installed or has become worn out over time.

Additionally, if the gun is fired too frequently or too quickly without allowing enough time for cooling between shots, the recoil springs can become overstretched and lose their strength.

Further, dirt or other debris buildup within the gun can interfere with proper functioning of the springs and cause them to fail prematurely. Lastly, poor shotgun maintenance can also lead to problems with its recoil springs over time.

Now that we have identified some common causes of a recoil spring problem in a DP-12 shotgun, let’s look at some potential solutions.

The first step would be to inspect your firearm thoroughly and make sure that all parts are properly installed and free from obstruction by dirt or debris.

If the recoil springs appear worn out or damaged due to overstretching, you should replace them immediately with new ones from an authorized dealer or gunsmith.

Additionally, it is essential to practice safe shooting habits, such as giving your firearm sufficient time to cool down between shots and avoiding rapid-fire situations whenever possible.

Finally, regular maintenance of your DP-12 shotgun is key to keeping its recoil springs working properly; always read your owner’s manual before cleaning or servicing your gun to ensure that you follow all instructions correctly.

Accuracy issues:

One common cause of inaccuracy with a DP-12 shotgun is its recoil system. It utilizes two 3-inch long recoil springs that generate significant force when the gun is fired.

This can cause the barrel to shift slightly and throw off the shooter’s aim. Additionally, the gun’s weight can affect its balance and make it difficult to maintain accuracy while shooting multiple rounds.

Another factor that could lead to accuracy issues with a DP-12 shotgun is improper maintenance and cleaning. Neglecting regular cleaning and lubrication can create friction between moving parts, disrupting the gun’s movement and affecting accuracy.

Furthermore, worn-out or damaged parts may not provide accurate alignment for ammunition fired from the gun, thus leading to inaccurate shots.

Proper maintenance should be practiced regularly to ensure accurate shots with a DP-12 shotgun. Disassemble the gun and clean all parts thoroughly, paying special attention to moving parts such as springs or bolts.

Inspect all components for wear or damage and replace those that are not functioning correctly. When reassembling the gun, ensure that all parts have been aligned properly for optimal performance.

Additionally, use quality ammunition designed in a DP-12 shotgun to achieve maximum firing accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DP-12 reliable?

Yes, the DP-12 is a reliable shotgun.

Who makes DP-12 shotgun?

The DP-12 double-barrel pump-action shotgun is produced by Standard Manufacturing, a firearms manufacturing company based in New Britain, Connecticut.

How many shells does a DP-12 shotgun hold?

The DP-12 shotgun holds up to 14 shells.

Is the DP-12 good for home defense?

The DP-12 shotgun is suitable for home defense due to its high capacity and effective range.

Does the DP-12 fire Both Barrels?

Yes, the DP-12 shotgun fires both barrels simultaneously.

What 12 gauge holds the most shells?

It hold the most shells of any 12 gauge shotgun with a capacity of up to 14 shells.

How does the DP-12 stack up by modern standards?

The DP-12 shotgun is widely regarded as one of the most reliable, versatile and rugged modern shotguns available, offering a unique combination of features.

When did the DP-12 shotgun Come out?

The DP-12 shotgun was released in 2013.

Does the DP-12 fire both barrels?

Yes, the DP-12 can fire both barrels simultaneously.

Can you shoot slugs through a DP-12?

Yes, the DP-12 can shoot both slugs and buckshot.

Is the DP-12 compliant in CA, NY and CT?

Yes, the DP-12 is compliant in California, New York and Connecticut.


With the right knowledge and know-how, any problem with a DP-12 shotgun can be solved. Taking extra precautions when handling firearms is important, but some mechanical issues are unavoidable.

Drill down to the root causes of your issue, and you should be able to trace it back to one of these few common problems.

Don’t worry if you feel lost – there’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to solve a seemingly mysterious issue yourself. Consult an experienced gunsmith or contact the manufacturer for assistance when in doubt.

Above all else, remain safe while shooters and have fun! Until next time, happy troubleshooting, and feel free to use this information as a reference guide if you ever need it.

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