Henry AR-7 Problems And Their Solutions

The Henry AR-7 is a popular survival rifle among firearm enthusiasts. Also known as the AR-7 Survival Rifle, it is a lightweight and compact firearm designed for easy storage and transport.

Originally designed in the late 1950s for the United States Air Force, it has since gained popularity among civilians due to its practicality, ease of use, and reliability.

However, like any other firearm, the Henry AR-7 may encounter certain problems that can hinder its performance.

These problems are Feeding Problems, Not Floating, Failure To Fire, Magazine unlocks, Jamming Issue and Rubber Buttpads Kept Splitting.

Henry AR-7 Problems

As such, Henry AR-7 owners must be aware of these common problems and prepared to deal with them effectively.

This blog aims to identify these common problems faced by Henry AR-7 owners and provide effective solutions.

We will cover everything from basic maintenance and cleaning techniques to troubleshooting common issues that may arise during use.

Quick Overview of Henry AR-7 Specs

Specification Details
Caliber .22 LR
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Length 16.125 inches
Weight 3.5 lbs
Capacity 8-round detachable magazine
Stock Material ABS Plastic
Sights Adjustable rear, Blade front
Usage Survival, Backpacking, Plinking, Target Shooting, Small Game Hunting

Most Common Henry AR-7 Problems And Their Solutions

1. Feeding Problems

A feeding problem can be frustrating and potentially dangerous, especially in high-pressure situations. It’s important to identify the root cause of the problem to resolve it effectively.

The main causes of feeding problems are the magazine, ammunition, or firearm.

Magazine-related issues may include a damaged or faulty mag, improper capacity, or incorrect assembly.

Ammunition-related problems may include inconsistent rounds, poor quality ammunition, or improper loading.

In some cases, the firearm itself may be causing feeding issues due to a worn or damaged part, improper assembly or cleaning, or an inadequate feeding system.

To fix feeding problems, the first step is to identify the root cause. Start by checking the magazine for any damage or misalignment.

Ensure that the magazine is correctly assembled and has the appropriate capacity for the firearm.

Check the ammunition for inconsistency or poor quality, and ensure that it is properly loaded into the magazine. We recommend you to use CCI Velocitor HP or Stingers

If the magazine and ammunition appear to be in good condition, move on to inspect the firearm itself. Check for any worn or damaged parts that may be causing feeding issues.

Clean and lubricate the firearm as needed, and ensure that it is properly assembled. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified gunsmith to troubleshoot and repair any issues with the feeding system.

To avoid future feeding problems, it’s important to maintain your firearm properly and regularly inspect the magazine and ammunition.

Always use high-quality ammunition and ensure that it is properly loaded into a functioning magazine. With these steps, you can resolve feeding problems and ensure a reliable firearm.

2. Not Floating

According to the promotional material put forth by Henry, it has been asserted that the AR-7 possesses a unique quality in that it is capable of floating when it is securely packed away within its accompanying stock.

But users reported that they tested this claim and got the opposite result as the rifle sinking straightaway.

You can check the customer review here

Unfortunately, after careful analysis, there is currently no viable solution to this issue. However, one potential option worth considering is purchasing a floating tactical gun bag through Amazon.

3. Failure To Fire

Have you ever experienced the frustration of pulling the trigger on your firearm, only to find that it won’t fire? This phenomenon is commonly known as Failure To Fire. Although it can occur with any firearm, it is a relatively common issue with the Henry AR-7.

The main causes of Failure To Fire can be attributed to a variety of factors. These include the firing pin, ammunition quality, and fouling in the chamber.

Fortunately, several solutions to this issue can be undertaken in a few simple steps. Firstly, check the firing pin to ensure that it is clean and functional.

This can be done by removing the bolt from the rifle and examining the pin for any debris or damage. A quick clean with a dry cloth or brush should fix any issues.

If the firing pin appears to be in good condition, the culprit may be ammunition quality. Low-quality or poorly-maintained ammunition can cause misfires.

Switching to a higher quality brand like Winchester Wildcat Solid Points or even Remington Golden Bullet HP. and ensuring proper storage and maintenance can prevent this from happening.

Lastly, fouling in the chamber can also cause Failure To Fire. Cleaning the chamber thoroughly can remedy this issue.

Remove the bolt from the rifle, secure it in a vice, and use a cleaning rod with a bronze bore brush to scrub the chamber. Follow this up with a clean patch and a light coating of gun oil to prevent rust and corrosion.

4. Magazine unlocks

Magazine unlocks are a common complaint that many gun owners encounter, regardless of the make and model of their firearm.

Magazine unlocks refer to the malfunctioning mechanism that locks the magazine in place. This can result in the magazine falling out of the gun during use or not properly feeding ammunition into the chamber.

The main causes of magazine unlocks can vary, but a few common factors include worn out or defective magazine springs, improperly aligned magazine release buttons, or damaged magazine followers.

Thankfully, there are several steps that gun owners can take to address these issues and restore optimal performance to their firearms.

First and foremost, it is important to thoroughly inspect and clean all firearm components, paying close attention to the magazine and release mechanism. Any damaged or worn-out parts should be replaced immediately with high-quality, reliable replacements.

Additionally, it may be helpful to adjust the magazine release mechanism, ensuring that it is aligned properly with the magazine and functions smoothly.

It would be best to polish the feed ramp on the barrel and magazine to address the issue.

Use only Henry mags as they have a wire on the outside running along the mag. Make sure not to over-polish.

5.  Jamming Issue

Jamming is incredibly frustrating and can significantly dampen your shooting experience.

A common cause of jamming is the ammunition used. Low-quality or old ammo can cause feeding issues, leading to jamming.

Additionally, dirty magazines or damaged feed lips can prevent cartridges from feeding correctly, leading to a jam. Lastly, a rough or damaged feed ramp can cause cartridges to hang up, leading to a jam.

Fortunately, there are several ways to tackle this issue. Firstly, you can address the ammunition issue using only high-velocity ammo Rest assured that this will ensure the level of reliability and accuracy you are seeking.

Clean your magazines thoroughly and inspect the feed lips for any damage. Lastly, and most importantly, a rough or damaged feed ramp can be smoothed out with some light sanding. This will allow cartridges to transition smoothly and reduce the likelihood of jamming.

2. Uncomfortable with Point

The AR-7 rifle is equipped with a rear peep sight and a front blade sight, which are standard for most rifles. However, due to their design, aiming and locking onto a target can be challenging.

Since this rifle has a built-in rail, installing scopes is better to improve the accuracy. You can easily find a variety of basic and affordable scopes on online stores like Amazon and eBay.

Installing and adjusting the scope is easy and can be done with a screwdriver. With some practice, the built-in sights can be very accurate and advantageous.

6. Rubber Buttpads Kept Splitting

One of the primary causes for rubber butt pads splitting is age and wear. Over time, the rubber material can become brittle and begin to crack.

This can also be exacerbated by exposure to extreme temperatures, as well as exposure to UV rays.

Additionally, improper storage and handling of the rifle can cause unnecessary stress on the rubber butt pad, leading to premature cracking.

Fortunately, you can take steps to fix this issue and prevent it from recurring in the future. Here are some solutions:

1. Replace the rubber butt pad. If the pad is too damaged to repair or continues to split despite your efforts, you may need to replace it entirely. Be sure to choose a high-quality replacement that is designed to fit your specific rifle model.

2. Store your rifle properly. To prevent unnecessary stress on the rubber butt pad, ensure it is stored in a cool, dry place free from excessive heat or moisture. Avoid leaving the rifle in direct sunlight, as this can cause UV damage to the rubber material.

3. Clean and condition the rubber regularly. Regular maintenance of the rubber butt pad can help prevent it from cracking and splitting. Use mild soap and water to clean the pad, and then apply a rubber conditioner to keep it supple and flexible.

What Do The User Think About Henry AR-7

Upon researching user opinions on the Henry AR-7, it appears that many individuals enjoy using this firearm despite some reported problems and concerns regarding the build quality.

Numerous users have expressed satisfaction in how Henry AR-7 handles and shoots. Many appreciate the simplicity of its assembly and disassembly, as well as its ease of use and reliability.

However, some users have reported issues with the gun’s scope mounting system, with some stating that it tends to come loose during use.

Others have raised concerns over the quality of the gun’s finish, with some suggesting that it appeared to wear off after a few uses.

While the Henry AR-7 may have some flaws, it remains a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts who value its compact and portability features.

Despite some reported issues, many users appreciate the gun’s reliable performance and accuracy, making it an excellent option for shooting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any .22 caliber ammunition with my Henry AR-7?

It is designed to use .22 LR ammunition specifically. While it may be possible to use other .22 caliber cartridges, it is recommended to use .22 LR for optimal performance and reliability.

Is the Henry AR-7 suitable for hunting?

It is a lightweight and compact rifle that can be used for hunting small game at close distances. However, its limited magazine capacity and .22 caliber may not make it ideal for larger game or longer-range hunting.

Can the Henry AR-7 be used for self-defense?

This rifle can technically be used for self-defense, but it may not be the optimal choice due to its limited magazine capacity and smaller caliber. Other firearms on the market specifically designed for self-defense may be more suitable.

Can I attach accessories to my AR-7?

Aftermarket accessories, such as optics, slings, and additional storage options, are available. Choose accessories specifically designed for the AR-7 to ensure proper fit and compatibility.

Can the Henry AR-7 be used in all states of the US?

The legality and restrictions on firearms vary between states in the US. Researching and understanding the firearm laws in your state before purchasing and using a H AR-7 or any other firearm is important.

How reliable is the Henry AR-7?

It has a reputation for being durable and resistant to harsh conditions, making it suitable for survival situations.

Does the Henry AR-7 float?

Yes, AR-7 will float because all of its components are nested inside the stock and the butt pad acts as a lid.

What does AR-7 stand for?

Arkansas Highway 7

How Much Does Henry AR-7 Rifle Cost?

Around $260


The AR-7 rifle is a fantastic firearm for your survival needs, but some problems could arise from its non-standard design.

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you will better understand the problems associated with the AR-7 and some solutions for tackling them.

Though there may be some downsides to owning an AR-7, it offers many benefits such as being lightweight and having ever-reliable Henry craftsmanship behind it.

Proper maintenance and care could make a solid contribution to your overall survival kit.

Everyone can decide the best course of action when selecting an appropriate rifle for their bug-out bag.

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