Common Kahr CW45 Problems And Their Solutions

Are you looking for solutions to common problems with the Kahr CW45 pistol? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common issues that users might encounter with their CW45, along with tips and tricks on addressing them.

Kahr CW45 Problems

Some common issues are Failure To Feed, trigger pull Problems, failure to eject, Failures to go into battery, Stovepipe issues, Jamming Problems, Light Strikes, and Firing Pin Problems. Follow the steps to fix these issues.

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Common Kahr CW45 Problems And Their Solutions

Check out some common problems with Karh CW45 and learn how to fix them quickly.

1. Failure To Feed

This problem occurs when the slide fails to strip the top round from the magazine or fails to insert it into the chamber. Several potential causes can cause this issue, including problems with the magazine, ammunition, and gun components.

One of the most common causes of failure to feed in Kahr CW45 guns is an issue with magazine compatibility.

Some users have experienced issues when using aftermarket magazines. These magazines may not fit properly in the receiver and can cause jamming due to improper feeding from the magazine into the chamber.

Additionally, older Kahr magazines may need to be replaced over time due to wear and tear on springs and followers, which can also lead to Failure To Feed (FTFs).

Another potential cause of FTFs in Kahr CW45 guns is related to ammo type and size. The CW45 utilizes .45 ACP ammunition; some variations may not function properly within the gun.

Owners must ensure that they are using compatible ammunition that falls within specified guidelines regarding size and shape of bullets.

Finally, some internal firearm components could cause Failure To Feed if worn or damaged over time.

Wear-on parts such as extractors and ejectors can affect their ability to perform correctly during operation and could result in FTFs if they are not replaced before shooting again.

Fortunately, there are several steps that gun owners can take to fix Failure To Feed problems with their Kahr CW45 guns.

One of the first things you should do is verify your ammo type and size specifications against your gun’s manual recommendations.

Additionally, check your magazines for signs of wear and tear or other damage that might be causing them not to feed rounds properly into the chamber.

Replacing worn or otherwise damaged magazines can help resolve this issue quickly without further troubleshooting.

2. Failure to Eject:

The most common cause of a Failure to Eject with the Kahr CW45 is the extractor not exerting enough pressure on the cartridge’s rim.

This problem can be caused by a few different factors, including an extractor that is not properly tuned, a weak recoil spring, an extractor that is broken or worn out, or excessive dirt and debris build up inside the gun.

If you are experiencing an FTEs problem, then take some time to inspect your gun for any signs of damage or wear. If the extractor looks damaged or worn out, you may need to replace it.

Additionally, if there are any noticeable buildups of dirt and debris inside the gun, use a cleaning rod and patch to remove them before running further tests.

Once everything has been checked and cleaned, try live cycling rounds while monitoring the extractor’s movement.

If it isn’t applying enough tension on the rim of each cartridge as they leave the magazine and enter the chamber, then this could indicate an issue with either your recoil spring or extractor tension screw.

To fix this you would need to adjust these components until they firmly grip each round as they move through the firearm.

Failure to eject can be frustrating, but hopefully, now you have some insight into what causes this problem and ideas about how to rectify it.

3. Trigger Pull Problems

Are you experiencing problems with a trigger pull on your Kahr CW45 gun? If so, you may want to know what could be causing the issue and how to fix it.

Trigger pull issues can occur for various reasons, such as a worn-out or damaged trigger assembly, improper lubrication, an overly light hammer spring, or a defective firing pin safety.

The trigger assembly of your CW45 is where the actual pull occurs. When this part becomes worn or damaged, it can disrupt the trigger cycle and cause it to stick or not fully engage when pulled.

This can cause difficulty in pulling the trigger, resulting in an inaccurate shot. Improper lubrication of the trigger assembly can also contribute to this problem by causing friction between the components and making them difficult to move.

An overly light hammer spring can also contribute to trigger pull issues on your CW45 gun. A lighter spring will make it easier for the gun’s hammer to hit the firing pin too soon during cycle time and cause misfires or jams in rare cases.

The firing pin safety is another component that may need attention if there are problems with your trigger pull; if this part is broken or out of place, it can interfere with the functioning of your pistol.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix these issues that don’t require professional help!

If you suspect any of these causes are at fault for your trigger pull issue on your Kahr CW45 gun, start by doing a complete cleaning and lubrication before attempting other solutions.

After cleaning and lubricating correctly, check all parts for their condition – ensure that all springs are working properly and nothing has been damaged or left out of place – including inspecting the firing pin safety lever for proper function and alignment.

Sometimes, you may need to replace worn-out components with parts from Kahr Arms aftermarket replacements specifically designed for CW45 guns.

With these steps taken care of properly, you will hopefully have solved your problem and avoided further complications from occurring down the line!

4. Failures To Go Into The Battery

There are several potential causes of this type of malfunction, and understanding them can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue quickly.

The most common cause of failing to go into the battery is an obstruction preventing the slide from moving fully back.

This can be caused by debris that has built up in the action or a worn recoil spring that no longer provides enough tension.

Another potential cause is a misalignment of the barrel or slide due to wear on contact points between those components.

Kahr CW45 Problems

Lastly, if the magazine release button has become loose over time, it can cause the gun not to return to the battery when fired.

Fortunately, basic maintenance and cleaning can easily resolve these issues. Start by completely disassembling the firearm and cleaning all of its parts thoroughly.

Check for any obstructions that might prevent the slide from moving freely and any debris or dirt lodged inside the action. Inspect all springs for wear and replace any that appear worn or damaged.

Ensure all contact points between components are properly aligned and secure, including the barrel lugs and slide locking block. Finally, tighten up any screws that have come loose over time, such as securing the magazine release button.

If you have checked all of these items, but your Kahr CW45 still fails to go into the battery, it might require more extensive repairs, such as replacing essential parts or directly sending it in for service from Kahr Arms.

In either case, taking steps to ensure regular maintenance should prevent future occurrences of this issue with your firearm.

5. Stovepipe Issues 

Stovepipe malfunctions occur when a spent cartridge fails to be properly extracted from the chamber and gets stuck in the slide or near the ejector port. This can often lead to an even more serious jam, so it’s important to find out what is causing this type of malfunction and how to fix it.

One of the main causes of stovepipe malfunctions is improper ammunition used in the pistol.

Using too low-powered ammunition can reduce the power needed for proper function and cause a stovepipe issue. To fix this problem, ensure that only ammunition that meets or exceeds factory specs is used in your pistol.

Another common cause of stovepipe issues is inadequate lubrication of the gun’s parts. Friction between moving parts can cause a failure to extract spent cartridges, resulting in a stovepipe malfunctioning properly.

To solve this problem, regularly clean and lubricate all moving parts on your pistol with quality gun oil.

7. Light Strikes

Light strikes can be caused by various factors and can cause a dangerous misfire, potentially hazardous to both the user and those nearby.

So, what are some of the causes of light strikes in the Kahr CW45, and how can you fix this problem?

The primary cause of light strikes is incorrect ammunition function. This occurs when cartridges do not match the specifications given by the manufacturer.

For instance, if a cartridge with a higher velocity than specified by the manufacturer is used, it could result in insufficient force being applied to ignite the primer.

Additionally, incorrect bullet seating can cause light strikes and poor-quality primers that lack enough pressure to ensure reliable ignition.

Another potential cause of light strikes is an overly-tightened firing pin spring, making it difficult for the primer to get struck with enough force.

This usually happens if parts such as extractors or other components are replaced incorrectly or improper internal cleaning.

Always use high-quality ammunition that matches manufacturer specifications for caliber and velocity to prevent light strike issues in your gun.

Additionally, ensure all components are installed correctly and all internal parts, like springs and firing pins, are checked regularly during maintenance.

Furthermore, always keep your gun clean as dirt and debris built up inside could also lead to unreliable ignition.

8. Jamming Problems

Jamming is a common problem that people who own or operate Kahr CW45 guns may face. The causes can vary, but some of the most common ones include issues with the rounds not feeding properly, using too much lubricant, damage to the magazine or other components, and more.

What are some symptoms of jamming problems in your Kahr CW45 gun?

Are you noticing any unusual behaviour when attempting to fire?

Is there difficulty loading ammunition due to misalignment or seating ammo into the magazine?

Do you experience excessive recoil after firing?

The first step towards solving the issue is identifying why it’s occurring in the first place.

If you’re having trouble loading rounds into the magazine, check for any signs of damage to the magazine lips or feed ramp due to overuse.

In addition, double-check to make sure that your ammunition is clean and free of debris before inserting them into your weapon.

It’s also important to ensure that your weapon has been properly lubricated at all times; however, be sure not to overdo it, as too much oil can cause jams and malfunctions.

Ensure all moving parts are adequately lubricated to function smoothly without causing excessive friction. Consider switching out your ammunition if certain brands are more prone to jamming than others.

Finally, if you find that none of these solutions are resolving your issues, consider taking your firearm in for maintenance and repair with a qualified professional gunsmith. They’ll be able to identify any underlying problems with your weapon and take corrective action as necessary.

9. Firing Pin Problems

There are several potential causes of firing pin problems in the Kahr CW45. They include:

1. Incorrect Disassembly: When disassembling the Kahr CW45, take it apart in the correct order. If you’re not careful when taking it apart, you may end up causing damage to the firing pin.

2. Poor Maintenance: Not properly cleaning and lubricating your Kahr CW45 can lead to firing pin problems. Be sure to clean and lubricate your gun regularly to keep it in top condition.

3. Worn Out Parts: The parts of your Kahr CW45 can wear out over time. If you don’t replace them when they get worn out, it can lead to firing pin problems.

Now that you know the potential causes of firing pin problems in the Kahr CW45, let’s discuss how you can fix them.

1. Inspect the Firing Pin: Start by inspecting the firing pin for any signs of damage. If you find any, you’ll need to replace it.

2. Clean and Lubricate: Regularly clean and lubricate your Kahr CW45. This will help to keep it in top condition and prevent firing pin problems.

3. Replace Worn Parts: If you find any parts of your Kahr CW45 that are worn out, it’s a good idea to replace them. This will help to keep your gun in good working order and prevent future problems.

By following these steps, you can fix any firing pin problems with your Kahr CW45. If your gun still isn’t working properly, you may need to take it to a gunsmith for further inspection and repair.

We hope this blog post has helped you understand the causes of firing pin problems in the Kahr CW45 and how you can fix them. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kahr cw45 a good gun 

Yes, the Kahr CW45 is a good gun. It is reliable and accurate and is made with high-quality materials. It is also lightweight and easy to carry. It is an excellent choice for personal protection and target shooting.

Does a Kahr cw45 have a safety?

Yes, the Kahr CW45 does have a safety. The safety is a thumb-operated lever located on the left side of the slide. It is designed to prevent the accidental discharge of the weapon.

How many rounds does a Kahr CW45 hold?

The Kahr CW45 holds a standard magazine capacity of 6 rounds.


the Kahr CW45 is a reliable and well-liked handgun, but like any firearm, it can have its share of problems. Knowing the most common issues and how to deal with them can help maintain your gun and keep it in good working condition.

The most common issues with the Kahr CW45 are magazine compatibility, ammunition, and gun components. By ensuring that magazines fit the receiver properly and using the correct ammunition for the gun, you can avoid most of the common issues associated with this handgun.

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