Mossberg Patriot Problems And Their Solutions

The Mossberg Patriot rifle is known for its powerful performance and accuracy, making it a popular choice among hunters and shooters.

However, like any other firearm, it is not without its flaws. In this guide, we will discuss some common problems that users have faced with the Mossberg Patriot and provide helpful tips to address these issues.

By the end of this article, you will better understand how to maximize the performance and reliability of your Mossberg Patriot rifle.

So, let’s dive in and explore the potential problems you may encounter with this trusted firearm.

Some common issues with Mossberg patriot rifle are Feeding Problems, Extractor Problems, Trigger Problems, Bolt Problems, Bedding Problems, Scope Mounting Problems, and Sight Issues.

Mossberg Patriot Problems

Common Mossberg Patriot Problems And Their Solutions

1. Feeding Problem

One of the common issues that Mossberg Patriot owners face is a feeding problem. This refers to the difficulty in loading ammunition into the chamber, making it impossible to fire the gun.

There can be several reasons for this feeding problem, and it is essential to understand them to ensure the smooth functioning of your firearm.

One of the primary causes could be an issue with the magazine.

The magazine may be damaged, dirty, or not properly seated in the gun, causing feeding problems.

Another possible cause could be an issue with the ammunition itself. If the rounds are not of good quality or are damaged, they may get stuck or fail to feed into the chamber correctly.

Additionally, an improperly lubricated gun can also lead to feeding problems. Lack of lubrication can cause friction and resistance, making it challenging for the ammunition to move smoothly into the chamber.

2. Extractor Problem

Another common issue with Mossberg Patriot rifles is an extractor problem. This refers to a situation where the extractor fails to properly extract the spent cartridge from the chamber, causing a malfunction in the rifle.

There can be several reasons why an extractor problem may occur. Some of the most common causes include a build-up of debris or fouling in the extractor area, worn out or damaged extractor springs, and misaligned extractors.

In some cases, poor quality ammunition may also contribute to extractor problems.

If you are experiencing issues with your Mossberg Patriot rifle extractor, it is important to address the problem immediately.

Continued use of a malfunctioning extractor can lead to further damage and potential safety hazards.

To avoid extractor problems in the future, regular maintenance and cleaning of your firearm is crucial. Ensure to thoroughly clean the extractor area and replace worn-out parts as needed.

3. Trigger Problems

The trigger is a critical component of any firearm, and Mossberg Patriot rifles are no exception.

Trigger issues can result in poor shooting experience and reduced accuracy. Here’s how to address them:

If you’re experiencing a stiff or inconsistent trigger pull, it could be due to dirt or buildup within the trigger assembly. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent this problem.

If the trigger still malfunctions, consult a qualified gunsmith for a thorough inspection.

Another common trigger-related issue is a crisp break. Some Mossberg Patriot owners report that their triggers have a noticeable “creep” before firing.

While this can be a personal preference, ensuring your trigger is safe and reliable is important.

Consult a gunsmith if you’re unsure about the condition of your trigger.

4. Firing Pin Issues

The firing pin is a crucial component of any firearm as it ignites the cartridge, causing the bullet to fire.

If there are any problems with the firing pin, it can result in misfires or failure to fire at all, rendering the rifle unusable.

One common issue with the Mossberg Patriot’s firing pin is breakage. Some users have reported that their firing pins have broken after just a few rounds, causing frustration and inconvenience during shooting sessions.

This can be especially problematic for hunters who rely on their rifles for successful hunts.

Another problem that has been reported is the firing pin becoming stuck or jammed in the bolt.

This can happen due to issues with the firing pin spring, which can weaken or damage over time.

As a result, the firing pin may not strike with enough force to ignite the primer, leading to misfires.

One possible cause of these issues could be poor quality control during manufacturing. If the firing pin is not properly heat-treated or machined, it may be more prone to breakage or malfunction. It’s also possible that the firing pin spring may have been installed incorrectly, causing it to wear out quickly.

Firing and Bolt-Action Issues

Mossberg Patriots are known for their bolt-action mechanism, but occasionally, owners may encounter issues with this aspect of the rifle.

Problems can include a rough bolt action, difficulty in chambering rounds, or misalignment.

Solution: Addressing Firing and Bolt-Action Issues

To resolve firing and bolt-action problems:

  • Consult a Gunsmith: If you experience consistent issues with the bolt action or firing mechanism, consult a qualified gunsmith for inspection and potential repairs.
  • Factory Assembly: Check for any factory assembly issues, such as subpar manufacturing or defects. Contact Mossberg or your retailer for assistance.

Barrel and Sight Alignment

Proper barrel and sight alignment are crucial for accuracy. If your Mossberg Patriot experiences alignment problems, it can significantly affect your shooting experience.

Solution: Ensuring Proper Alignment

To address alignment issues:

  • Consult a Gunsmith: If your rifle consistently exhibits alignment problems, it’s wise to consult a qualified gunsmith. They can inspect and correct any misalignments or defects.
  • Torque and Fitting: Ensure that all components of your Mossberg Patriot, especially the barrel and sights, are torqued and fitted correctly. This can prevent misalignments.

5. Bedding Problem 

One of the most common issues faced by Mossberg Patriot owners is the bedding problem. This refers to how the rifle’s action is bedded into the stock, which can greatly affect its accuracy and performance.

Proper bedding is crucial for a rifle’s accuracy because it ensures that the barrel and action are securely placed within the stock.

Without proper bedding, the action can shift within the stock, causing inconsistencies in how the rifle shoots.

This can be frustrating for owners who expect their Mossberg Patriot to shoot out of the box accurately.

One contributing factor to this problem is that some rifles may have been improperly bedded during manufacturing.

Another factor could be a poor fit between the action and stock due to variations in production.

To address this issue, many owners have opted to re-bed their rifles using aftermarket bedding kits or by seeking professional assistance from a gunsmith.

This involves removing the action from the stock and filling any gaps or voids with an epoxy-based material to ensure a snug fit between the two components.

6. Scope Mounting Problem

The issue typically arises when mounting a scope onto the rifle’s receiver. Some users have reported that the scope mounting holes on the receiver are misaligned, making it difficult or even impossible to attach a scope properly.

This can result in an inaccurate and unstable sighting experience.

One potential cause of this problem could be manufacturing defects in the rifle’s receiver.

While Mossberg has a reputation for producing high-quality firearms, it is not uncommon for small errors to occur during the production process.

This could result in misaligned scope mounting holes and cause frustration for users.

Another possible reason for this issue could be improper handling or installation of the rifle’s scope mounts.

It is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when attaching a scope to your Mossberg Patriot.

Failure to do so can lead to issues with alignment and stability, making it difficult to achieve an accurate shot.

Finally, if the problem continues, get in touch with the maker or take the weapon to a qualified gunsmith.

7. Accuracy Issue

Several factors can contribute to this accuracy issue. One of the main factors is the barrel quality.

Some rifles may have defective or poorly manufactured barrels, causing shots to stray off target. This is especially common in lower-end models or older versions of the rifle.

Another possible cause is the trigger pull. A heavy or inconsistent trigger can greatly affect accuracy, as it can cause the shooter to jerk or pull the shot off target unintentionally.

Additionally, improper cleaning and maintenance can also hurt accuracy.

Neglecting to clean your rifle regularly or using the incorrect cleaning methods can build up debris and residue, affecting the barrel’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What should I do if I notice a crack or crevice in the stock of my Mossberg Patriot?

If you discover a crack or crevice in the stock of your Mossberg Patriot, it is advisable to contact Mossberg customer care for guidance. Depending on the severity of the issue, they may recommend a replacement or provide instructions for repairing the stock.

Is the Mossberg Patriot a suitable hunting rifle despite the reported issues?

Despite the reported issues, the Mossberg Patriot can still be a suitable hunting rifle. Many users have reported successful hunting experiences with this gun. However, it is important to be aware of the potential problems and take necessary precautions.

Does using specific types of ammo affect the performance of the Mossberg Patriot?

Using different types of ammunition can affect the performance of the Mossberg Patriot. It is recommended to use high-quality, factory-produced ammunition that is compatible with the gun’s specifications. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for guidance on selecting the appropriate ammo.

How can I gain the best possible accuracy with the Mossberg Patriot?

To achieve the best possible accuracy with the Mossberg Patriot, it is important to ensure that the sights are properly aligned, the gun is securely held, and proper shooting techniques are employed. Regular practice and familiarity with the gun will also help improve accuracy.


In conclusion, the Mossberg Patriot is a reliable and popular rifle with widespread acclaim for its accuracy, power, and overall performance. However, like any other piece of equipment, it may encounter problems from time to time.

Owners and users of the Mossberg Patriot need to be aware of these potential issues and their solutions.

Following proper maintenance procedures and taking necessary precautions can avoid many problems.

On the other hand, if a problem does arise, it is reassuring to know that there are solutions available and experienced professionals who can help resolve them.

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