Panzer AR12 Problems And Their Solutions

The Panzer AR12 shotgun has earned a significant following among firearm enthusiasts due to its versatility and reliability by Panzer Arms Turky.

This 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun can fire both lethal and non-lethal rounds, making it an attractive option for individuals requiring a firearm for self-defense and recreational purposes.

However, like any other firearm, the Panzer AR12 faces several problems that can impact its performance.

Many shooters reported some common problems with Panzer AR12 which include Failure To Feed, Safety Issues, Failure To Eject, Cycling Problems, and Hammar pin issues.

Panzer AR12 Problems

Such problems can be frustrating and even dangerous, especially when the firearm is required for self-defense.

To address these issues and provide solutions for Panzer AR12 owners, this blog aims to identify common problems firearm owners face and offer effective solutions.

By outlining the underlying causes of these problems, firearm enthusiasts can better understand how to prevent and mitigate any issues that might arise with the Panzer AR12.

Panzer AR12 Problems And Their Solutions

1. Failure To Feed

Many users reported experiencing failure to feed issues with this shotgun.

One common cause of FTF is a worn recoil spring. Over time, the spring may lose its tension and fail to function properly. To fix this issue, replace the recoil spring with a new one.

Another potential culprit is gas system issues. A malfunctioning gas system can prevent the firearm from cycling properly, resulting in FTF. In this case, it’s important to have a trained professional inspect and repair the gas system as needed.

A dirty chamber can also cause FTF, preventing the cartridge from properly feeding into the gun. Clean the chamber thoroughly with a cleaning rod and solvent to fix this issue.

Finally, improper lubrication can also contribute to FTF. It’s important to ensure that all moving parts within the firearm are properly lubricated, as this can improve the gun’s overall function. Be sure to apply an appropriate lubricant as the manufacturer directs.

2. Safety Issue

Some of the main causes for these safety problems include barrel obstructions, improper handling of the firearm, and defective components.

One of the most common causes of safety issues with the Panzer AR12 is barrel obstructions.

This can occur if the barrel becomes clogged with debris or other materials, preventing the firearm from firing properly.

To fix this issue, it’s important to thoroughly clean the barrel using a cleaning kit that is specifically designed for this particular firearm.

Follow all instructions carefully and take the necessary safety precautions when cleaning the barrel.

Improper handling of the Panzer AR12 can also lead to safety problems. This can include things like failing to load or unload the firearm properly or not using the appropriate safety mechanisms when handling the firearm.

To avoid these issues, it’s important to carefully review the operating manual for the Panzer AR12 and follow all instructions accordingly. Additionally, it’s essential to take training courses and practice proper firearm safety techniques regularly.

Another common cause of safety issues with the Panzer AR12 is defective components. This can occur if certain parts of the firearm become damaged or worn over time, or if the firearm was not manufactured to proper specifications.

To fix this issue, having the firearm inspected by a qualified professional and any defective components replaced as necessary is important.

3. Failure To Eject

The main causes of FTE include shell issues, a fouled chamber, broken ejector spring, and recoil spring issues. If you believe your FTE issues stem from amm issues, try switching to high-quality, factory-made ammunition. However, if you suspect something is wrong with your firearm, take a closer look.

To fix a fouled chamber, thoroughly clean your firearm’s barrel and chamber. Use a cleaning rod and patches to remove debris or gunk from the chamber. Be sure to inspect the magazine tube for any obstructions.

A broken ejector spring might require a trip to the gunsmith, but fixing it at home is possible. Begin by removing the magazine cap, magazine extension, and magazine tube.

Then push in the locking bolt and remove the bolt assembly. You’ll need to remove the ejector spring assembly and replace it with a new one.

If your recoil spring is the issue, disassemble the shotgun by pulling down on the slide release lever and sliding the forend forward. Remove the bolt assembly and replace the recoil spring with a new one.

4. Cycling Problem

Cycling problems can occur when the gun fails to eject a spent cartridge or load a new one. This can cause a frustrating interruption in your shooting experience and even be dangerous in certain situations.

The main causes of cycling problems in the Panzer AR12 include dirty or fouled action, poor ammo quality, magazine issues, and buffer or recoil buffer problems.

Dirty or fouled actions can prevent the gun from operating smoothly, while low-quality ammunition can cause it to jam.

Magazine issues like feeding problems can also lead to cycling problems. Similarly, if your buffer or recoil buffer is worn out or not installed properly, this can cause cycling problems.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to fix these issues. You should thoroughly clean your gun to address a dirty or fouled action.

This involves removing the bolt carrier group, cleaning it with solvent and a brush, and wiping it down with a cloth.

You should also ensure that your ammunition is of good quality and that your magazines are properly installed and debris-free. If you suspect that your buffer or recoil buffer is the issue, you can replace it with a new one or adjust it to ensure that it’s properly installed.

5. Hammar Pin issue

The Hammer Pin is a crucial firearm component that drives the firing mechanism. Any malfunction in the Hammer Pin can fail to fire the round or cause significant damage to the gun.

Dry firing and rapid fire or bump firing are two common reasons for Hammer Pin issues. Dry firing, which is firing the gun without ammunition, can cause excessive wear and tear to the Hammer Pin, failing. On the other hand, rapid fire or bump firing can cause the Pin to shear off completely.

Another potential cause of Hammer Pin issues is design flaws.

The Hammer Pin’s quality and craftsmanship are fundamental to the gun’s design. It can lead to Hammer Pin issues and other problems if not well-manufactured.

Here are some steps you can take.

First, avoid dry firing your Panzer AR12 as much as possible. You can also use snap caps, which simulate the firing of a round, to reduce the Hammer Pin’s wear and tear.

Second, avoid rapid fire or bump firing, as this can cause significant harm to the gun and the Hammer Pin.

Additionally, if you suspect that design flaws cause your Hammer Pin issue, contacting a professional is always best. They will be able to give you the best advice on how to fix your gun’s design flaw(s) and prevent any further issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Panzer AR12 a good gun?
Yes, the Panzer AR12 is considered to be a good gun.

Can Panzer Arms AR12 shoot slugs?

Yes, the Panzer Arms AR12 is capable of shooting slugs.

Is the Panzer AR12 accurate? 

Yes, the Panzer AR12 has been praised for its accuracy.

Does the Panzer AR12 have good ergonomics?

Yes, the Panzer AR12 is designed with user comfort in mind.


In conclusion, the Panzer AR12 has had its fair share of problems, as with any newly released product. However, the manufacturers have quickly addressed these issues, providing solutions such as improvements to the gas system and feeding mechanisms.

The firearm community has well-received these efforts, with many users reporting reliable and accurate performance.

The Panzer AR12 is a versatile firearm that offers a range of features for both novice and experienced shooters, making it a great addition to any collection.

With continued support from the manufacturer, we can expect to see even more advancements in the future.

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