Springfield XDM 10mm Problems And Their Solutions

Are you considering purchasing a Springfield XDM 10mm pistol? Have you heard of the potential problems associated with this particular firearm?

While there are several positive aspects to owning an XDM 10mm, such as its reliability, accuracy, ergonomics,  and power, it’s important to be aware of potential issues before buying one.

Some of the most common problems with XDM 10mm are Failure to Return to Battery, Grip Safety Failure, Extractor Problem, Cycling Issue, Trigger Issue, Jamming Issue, Recoil spring failure, and Slide lock failure.

Springfield XDM 10mm Problems

This article will discuss the common Springfield XDM 10mm problems and how to address them.

Common Springfield XDM 10mm Problems And Their Solutions

1. Failure to Return to Battery

XDM elite 10mm pistols may sometimes fail to return to the battery. This issue occurs when the pistol slide does not fully cycle and returns short of the full-cycling position.

This can be caused by using the wrong ammunition, inappropriate lubrication, or other mechanical issues. 

The first step should be to inspect the firearm and ensure all components are clean and in good working order.

Also, ensure that the firearm is properly lubricated and use only quality ammunition in your pistol.  Check out this Lub From Amazon

If these steps do not resolve the issue, taking your XDM 10mm to a qualified gunsmith for further inspection and repair is recommended.

2. Grip Safety Failure

A grip safety failure is a common problem found in these handguns. It occurs when the firing pin block isn’t engaged, and the pistol can be fired accidentally, even with the safety switch on.

This issue usually results from two causes: either the gun was improperly serviced or maintained, or the spring responsible for pushing the firing pin block is damaged or worn out.

Fortunately, this issue can be easily resolved by either having your gun serviced and inspected regularly, or replacing the spring responsible for pushing the firing pin block.

If you are uncomfortable doing these repairs, it’s a good idea to seek assistance from a certified gunsmith or send the gun back to Springfield.

3. Extractor Problem

The extractor problem is a common issue with XDM 10mm pistols. This problem occurs when the extractor (the part of the pistol responsible for extracting spent casings from the chamber) does not have enough tension to remove spent cases from the firing chamber successfully.

In some cases, it can cause jams or misfires, and can also cause damage to the gun if it continues to be used. The issue is typically caused by worn extractor springs, weak extractor tension or damaged extractors.

To fix this issue, you can either replace the extractor with a new one that has higher tension and/or spring power, or you can adjust the current extractor so that there is more tension on it when pulling back the slide.

4. Cycling Issue

This problem typically occurs when an obstruction in the barrel prevents the cartridge from chambering correctly or when there is a worn trigger assembly. Cycling issues can lead to failure to fire, double firing, or even stovepiping.

To fix the cycling issue, ensure that your XDM 10mm pistol is clean and free of obstructions in the barrel.

If this does not solve the problem, then it may indicate a worn trigger assembly or extractor. In this case, you should contact a qualified gunsmith to replace any worn parts.

In addition, make sure that you are using the correct ammunition for your XDM 10mm pistol.

Using incorrect or dirty ammunition can cause cycling issues and other malfunctions such as stovepiping. Be sure to keep your ammunition clean and in good working condition.

5. Trigger Issues

Unfortunately, due to its design, the XDM 10mm can be prone to certain trigger issues. The most common issue is a malfunctioning trigger safety, which can result in misfires and even double-firing when using the pistol.

Also, some owners have reported uncomfortable or uneven pull weights.

Fortunately, these issues are fixable and can be addressed in a few simple steps. First and foremost, inspect the trigger safety to ensure it is engaged and functioning properly.

Also, inspect the trigger bar for any irregularities or damage that could cause misfires or double-firing. Cleaning the contact surfaces of the trigger bar can also help improve performance.

6. Jamming

Jamming is a common issue experienced by users of XDM 10mm pistols. This occurs when the slide and barrel do not properly align, resulting in the pistol becoming stuck or jammed during firing.

In most cases, jamming can be caused by the magazine being inserted incorrectly or a burr on the slide rails that prevents them from moving freely.

Futhermore, dirty or damaged ammunition can also cause jamming as they do not provide an adequate seal between the barrel and the slide.

To prevent jamming, ensure that the magazine is properly inserted, the ammunition used is clean and not damaged, and all burrs on the slide rails are removed. 

Having your pistol regularly inspected and maintained by a qualified gunsmith is recommended.

7. Recoil Spring Failure

The XDM 10mm has a recoil spring assembly that occasionally fails. This means the slide does not cycle correctly when the gun is fired. The result is a misfire or an inability to chamber another round.

This issue can occur if the user shoots too many rounds in a row (especially with heavier grain loads) or if the gun is not properly lubricated. In some cases, the recoil spring can also become worn out over time, and require replacement.

Fortunately, replacing the recoil spring in an XDM 10mm is a relatively simple task that most users can do without needing to send their pistol in for repairs or take it to a gunsmith. 

8. Slide lock failure

The XDM 10mm slide lock failure is a common issue among users. This happens when the upper part of the pistol’s slide fails to move back and forth freely, resulting in an inability to chamber or fire rounds.

The likely cause of this problem is an accumulation of dirt, dust or other debris in the frame rails or slide-stop grooves, preventing smooth slide movement.

To fix this issue, clean and lubricate the frame rails and slide stop grooves. Be sure to use a quality cleaning solution or lubricant in order to ensure the smooth operation of your pistol. Additionally, inspect the parts for any wear or damage that may be causing the problem.

If necessary, replace any worn or damaged components with factory-made replacements. Finally, make sure to test the pistol before using it again.

3 Best Alternatives To Springfield XDM 10mm

As a follow-up to the background context, we would like to present to you the three best alternatives to Springfield XDM 10mm.

These guns have been chosen based on various factors such as performance, reliability, and affordability. Without further ado, let’s delve into the top three picks:

Glock 29:

Glock 29 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive handguns available. It is a lightweight and compact pistol with a lot of firepower.

This gun features a 10+1 capacity and a 3.78-inch barrel length, making it easy to carry, conceal, and use for self-defense. The Glock 29 is chambered for the 10mm cartridge, which is known for its superior stopping power. It also has great accuracy and excellent recoil control, making it a favorite among avid shooters.

Sig XTen:

Sig XTen is another brilliant alternative to the Springfield XDM 10mm. This semi-automatic pistol is notable for its ergonomic design, making it easy to grip and control.

The XTen has a double-stack magazine with a 15+1 capacity and a 5-inch barrel, delivering impressive accuracy and range. This gun also boasts an adjustable trigger, which improves accuracy and helps reduce the likelihood of misfires.

S&W M&P:

The S&W M&P is popular among law enforcement and military personnel. This pistol comes in various calibers, including 10mm, and has a 15+1 capacity.

The M&P boasts an ambidextrous slide stop, reversible magazine release, and interchangeable backstraps, allowing users to customize the grip. This gun is also known for its reliability, accuracy, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the XDM 10mm?

The XDM 10mm is a type of weapon manufactured by Springfield Armory.

What is the advantage of using the XDM 10mm?

The XDM 10mm offers a powerful impact with its 10mm ammo, making it suitable for hunting and self-defense purposes.

Can I use standard 45 ACP ammo in the XDM 10mm?

You cannot use standard 45 ACP ammo in the XDM 10mm.

Are there any recommended ammo brands for the XDM 10mm?

Underwood 200 gr and 220 gr ammo are often suggested for use with the XDM 10mm.

What is the trigger pull weight of the XDM 10mm?

The trigger pull weight of the XDM 10mm is approximately 4.5 pounds.

Is the XDM 10mm suitable for concealed carry?

The XDM 10mm may be harder to conceal due to its larger size and weight than smaller firearms.

Is the XDM 10mm reliable for self-defense?

Yes, the XDM 10mm is considered a reliable option for self-defense due to its power and overall design.

Are there any common issues with the XDM 10mm in the market?

A: There have been reports of some customers experiencing issues like failure to eject or feed properly. However, it doesn’t represent the general market consensus.


In conclusion, the XDm 10mm offers an unbeatable combination of accuracy, power and reliability. With its innovative design features, it is clear why this gun is one of the most popular choices for target shooting and home defense.

While some issues may be related to maintenance and safety, these can be overcome with proper care and attention.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions and ensuring the gun is properly used, you can enjoy years of enjoyable shooting with the XDM 10mm.

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