Charles Daly 1911 Problems And Their Solutions

The Charles Daly 1911 pistol has been a staple of the shooting world since its introduction in 1911. This timeless classic is renowned for its accuracy and reliability but can present some problems for users who don’t know how to maintain it properly.

This article will discuss some common issues with the Charles Daly 1911 pistol and how to troubleshoot them.

We’ll also provide some tips for maintaining this timeless firearm so you can enjoy it for years.

Some common issues with Daly 1911 include Failure to Feed, Extractor Issues, Magazine Release Problems, Barrel Issues, Sight Alignment Issues, Slide Stuck Issues, and Firing Pin Problems.

Charles Daly 1911 Problems

Common Charles Daly 1911 Problems And Their Solutions

1. Failure to Feed

Are you having trouble with your Charles Daly 1911 not feeding rounds properly? You’re not alone. This is a common issue that many gun owners face, and if you don’t take care of it quickly, it can become a lot worse.

The first thing you should do is make sure that your gun is properly cleaned and maintained. Inspecting the magazine for any dirt or debris is important, as this can cause rounds not to feed correctly.

Also, ensure the magazine spring is in good condition and isn’t too weak or worn out. Lastly, ensure that all of your ammo is in good condition and not damaged or corrupted.

If all these checks don’t produce any results, you may need to adjust the feed ramp angle. You can do this by slightly moving the barrel up and down until you get the desired result.

However, if you’re not experienced with this kind of work, it’s best to take your gun to a professional gunsmith who can help you safely adjust the angle.

2. Extractor Issue

The Daly 1911 has a common problem among its owners in that the extractor tends to fail.

This issue can be caused when ammunition is not properly sized for the gun or because of regular wear and tear.

Depending on the failure is severity, it can be possible to fix it with minimal effort or require more intrusive repairs, such as replacing the entire extractor.

If you are experiencing extractor failure in your  Daly 1911, the first step is to ensure that your ammunition is properly sized for your gun.

When purchasing ammo, be sure to select rounds that fit within the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you have been using improperly sized ammo, it’s possible that this could cause wear on the extractor and eventually lead to failure.

3. Magazine Release Issues

If you’ve ever experienced problems with your Daly 1911 magazine release, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s a common issue that can be easily remedied.

The first step is to install the magazine floor plate and follower properly. Make sure both parts fit snugly into place without wobbling.

If you feel like something is off, take them out and make sure the parts are lined up correctly before placing back in the magazine.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, check your lock down screws on the magazine release. Be sure to tighten these so they do not move when you depress the magazine release lever.

If the screws seem tight and the problem persists, it may be due to a bent magazine release lever.

In this case, you should take your firearm to an authorized Charles Daly service center for repair.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you are using the right type of magazines for your 1911 model.

 Different models require different magazine types; using the wrong one can interfere with the magazine release.

4. Barrel Issue

Regarding Charles Daly 1911s, barrel bushing wear is an issue many gun owners face.

Over time, the part that locks into place around the barrel can become loose due to constant usage or lack of maintenance.

The good news is that replacing a worn-out bushing isn’t complicated or expensive – but neglected wear could lead to more serious problems like accuracy issues or even jamming.

To prevent wear from occurring, regular cleaning and lubrication are essential. This helps keep the bushing in good condition and prevents it from becoming too loose.

Also, if you notice that your gun isn’t cycling properly or experiencing accuracy problems, it could be a sign of defective parts or worn-out bushings.

If you’re looking to replace a worn-out bushing, buy the correct size and type for your particular 1911.

It should be the same diameter as the existing part and should fit snugly into place when assembled.

5. Sight Alignment Issues

Regarding sight alignment issues with the Daly 1911, there are several potential causes. The most common of these is an improperly adjusted rear sight.

If the rear sight is not properly aligned, it can cause the bullets fired from the gun to shoot high or low about where you’re aiming.

To address this issue, you must adjust the rear sight to align on the slide properly.

Another potential cause of your Charles Daly 1911 not shooting accurately could be due to an improperly adjusted front sight.

The front sight should be adjusted to allow you to line up the rear and front sights in a manner that will provide the most accurate shot.

Also, if any burr or debris is present on the sight, you should clean it off to ensure a clear and unobstructed view.

Finally, consider using a sighting device if you are having trouble properly aligning your sights. These devices can help you quickly and accurately adjust your sights to the desired position.

6. Slide Stuck Issue

If you struggle with your Charles Daly 1911 pistol, check if the slide is stuck. This can happen due to dust or debris working its way into the gun’s inner workings and jamming it up.

You can try to fix this issue without taking it apart in several ways.

The first thing you should try is to check your barrel for any obstruction. This could be anything from dirt or debris stuck in the barrel, preventing the slide from moving freely.

If nothing obstructs the barrel, it’s time to move on to lubrication.

Make sure that you are using a quality gun lubricant for this process. You want to ensure that your gun is well lubricated to ensure the slide moves smoothly when you try to operate it.

Once you have applied the lubricant, you can then use a cleaning rod or something similar to help push and pull on the slide to loosen any stuck parts.

Be sure not to use too much force when moving the slide, as this could cause further damage to your gun.

7. Firing Pin Problems

When it comes to the firing pin in any gun, there are several possible causes of problems.

These could include issues with the spring tension, a worn-out firing pin stop, or dirt and debris in the firing pin channel that is blocking proper operation.

If you are having trouble with your Charles Daly 1911 firing pin, it is important to take it to a qualified gunsmith or firearms technician as soon as possible.

They will be able to inspect the gun and help you determine which problem is causing your issue.

In some cases, replacing a part may be all that is necessary to get your firearm back in top working condition.

3 Best Alternatives to Charles Daly 1911 

 Here, we present three of the best alternative options to the Charles Daly 1911.

1. Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

A semi-automatic pistol designed for self-defense and competitive shooting.

The pistol has a lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry and use, and features an interchangeable backstrap system that allows users to customize their firearm’s grip size and texture.

Also, the M&P 9mm has adjustable three-dot sights and a low bore axis that helps reduce felt recoil.

2. Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm

A striker-fired, single-stack pistol designed for concealed carry and personal defense. The XD-S has several safety systems, including an integral trigger safety, a loaded chamber indicator, and an ambidextrous thumb safety.

In addition, the pistol features dovetail sights and a slim profile that makes it easy to carry while still providing excellent ergonomics.

3. Sig Sauer P320

An innovative striker-fired semi-automatic handgun that offers superior accuracy and performance. The P320 boasts a modular design that allows users to customize the grip size and trigger reach for maximum comfort and control.

Also, the P320 features adjustable three-dot sights, an accessory rail for mounting optics, laser sights, or lights and comes with two 17 round magazines.


In conclusion, the Charles Daly 1911 is an impressive gun that can provide great performance. However, it does come with a few common issues that need to be addressed.

With the right knowledge and simple maintenance tips, you can keep your gun in top condition for years.

If you are ever having difficulty troubleshooting your firearm, there is no shame in asking for help. Many online resources can assist you in finding the answers you need.

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