Savage 110 High Country Problems And Their Solutions

The Savage 110 High Country is a popular rifle model among hunters and shooters known for its accuracy. Unfortunately, it can also come with some problems in the form of malfunctions that may compromise its performance.

In this article, we look at some of the most common Savage 110 High Country problems and how to fix them.

We’ll also provide tips on keeping your rifle functioning properly so you can maintain its performance and enjoy your shooting experience.

The most common problems with Savage 110 High Country include Feeding Issues, Magazine Problems, Failure To Fire, Bolt Stiffness, Barrel Heat, Accu trigger, and Accuracy Issues.

Savage 110 High Country Problems

Common Savage 110 High Country Problems And Their Solutions

1. Feeding Issues

The Savage 110 High Country is a reliable rifle but can experience feeding issues.

Feeding issues occur when the bolt isn’t in full battery, which means that the ammo won’t feed properly into the barrel chamber or will fail to eject correctly.

The first thing to do is make sure the magazine is properly inserted and secured. There should be a firm click when it’s locked into place.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then next check that the trigger has been adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Finally, if there is still a problem, then the issue may be due to dirt or debris lodged in the chamber. This can be cleared using a cleaning rod, brush, or bore snake.

2. Magazine Problems

Unfortunately, magazine problems are one of the known issues with a Savage 110.

Rounds may become blocked or misaligned if the magazine does not sit securely in its compartment when inserted, causing them to jam up to the chamber.

To try and address this problem, be sure that your magazines fit snugly into place and do not move around or fall out when the rifle is tilted.

Also, make sure that any misalignments between the magazine and the rifle’s body are corrected.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue, then it is likely that you need to replace either your magazine or your rifle altogether.

Another potential source of problems is its internal mechanisms.

For example, if you experience misfires or jamming in the rifle’s action, it may be because of a poorly lubricated chamber or a damaged firing pin.

Finally, if your gun is not reaching its expected accuracy levels, it could be due to several issues.

For example, the rifle may not have sufficient bedding tension or enough lubrication in certain areas.

Also, it is important to check that your scope and other accessories are mounted securely and correctly so that they do not interfere with the rifle’s performance.

3. Failure To Fire

If you experience failure to fire with your 110 High Country rifle, it is important to take the necessary steps to remedy this issue.

Start by inspecting your gun’s firing pin and ensuring that it is not damaged in any way or clogged with debris.

Furthermore, check to ensure the firing pin spring tension is correct as an incorrectly adjusted spring can lead to misfires. You should also check for any obstructions in the firing pin channel, as its presence can cause a misfire.

Another likely cause of failure to fire is an issue with the cartridge itself. Ensure that your ammunition is properly sized and meets the requirements for the specific caliber of your rifle.

If you’re unsure about this, consult with a gunsmith or a qualified ammunition expert.

Also, inspect the primer of your cartridge for any damage or defects that could prevent it from igniting.

4. Bolt Stiffness 

This can be an incredibly frustrating problem for hunters when they are trying to get their shot off and their rifle won’t cooperate.

To fix this issue, ensure that the gun is properly lubricated. A good quality gun oil should be applied to all of the moving parts of the rifle, including the bolt itself.

This will help reduce friction between these parts and make it easier for them to move freely.

Next, if there is still an issue with bolt stiffness, you may need to adjust the tension of the firing pin spring.

This can be done by removing the action from the stock and using a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull back on the firing pin spring.

While doing this, be sure to keep a firm grip on the firing pin and apply just enough pressure to reduce the stiffness of the bolt.

5. Barrel Heat

Another common problem associated with the High Country is Barrel Heat. Due to its heavy profile, the barrel can easily heat up during extended shooting sessions or rapid fire, causing problems such as flies and inconsistent accuracy.

To prevent this issue, shooters should keep their finger off the trigger while maintaining a good sight picture and aim until ready for the shot.

Additionally, they should be mindful of how many rounds have been fired and take breaks as necessary. This can help minimize the chances for your barrel to overheat and produce inaccurate shots.

Cooling rods are also available that fit into any standard rifle barrel for rapid cooling, but it is usually best to opt for a little prevention and keep the barrel as cool as possible.

6. AccuTrigger Issue

The AccuTrigger is designed to provide a crisp trigger pull for more accurate shooting.

However, some users have experienced difficulty in operating the trigger due to stiffness or a failure to reset after it is released.

This can cause poor accuracy and misfires, which can be dangerous if not properly addressed.

Fortunately, Savage has addressed this issue through various releases over the years.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your AccuTrigger, it is recommended that you contact Savage customer service for assistance.

7. Accuracy Issues

Unfortunately, a few common accuracy issues arise with this rifle. While these problems can be easily fixed, it’s important to understand what might cause them.

The first issue is related to ammunition choice. Using the wrong type of ammunition or old ammunition can lead to misfires and accuracy issues.

Make sure you are using the right ammunition for your rifle and that all of it is fresh and in good condition.

The second issue is related to the sight or scope on your rifle. Ensure the scope is mounted correctly, with no loose screws or other potential problems.

Also, check the alignment of the reticle to ensure it is perfectly centered in the viewfinder.

The third issue has to do with your scope’s optics. Make sure that the lenses are clean and free of debris, and that you have adjusted them properly for your rifle’s range and conditions.

If you still experience accuracy issues after taking these steps, it may be necessary to replace your scope entirely.

3 Best Alternatives To Savage 110 High Country

The Savage 110 High Country is a great option for hunters and long-range shooters. However, many users may find themselves looking for alternative models offering the same or better features

Here are three of our favorite alternatives to the Savage 110 High Country:

Remington 700 Long Range

If you’re looking for excellent precision and accuracy in a rifle, the Remington 700 Long Range is an excellent choice.

This model features a 26” barrel and comes with a detachable box magazine for easy loading.

You’ll also get enhanced features like a threaded muzzle, adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger system, and a recoil pad that make it an ideal choice for long range shots.

2. Tikka T3x

The Tikka T3x features a cold hammer-forged barrel and comes with a detachable steel box magazine. It also has an adjustable trigger to customize the feel of your shots.

The lightweight design makes it easy to carry while hunting or during long-range shoots, and the recoil pad ensures comfortable shooting.

3. Weatherby Vanguard High Country 

It is a great option for long range shooters, featuring a 28” barrel to reduce felt recoil and enhance accuracy. It also comes with an adjustable trigger pull that allows you to dial in the exact feel of your shots.

Also, this model features a fluted bolt body and three-position safety for added convenience while shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any notable features of the Savage 110 High Country?

Yes, the Savage 110 High Country has several notable features. It features an adjustable AccuTrigger, allowing shooters to customize the trigger pull weight. The rifle also has a detachable box magazine, making reloading quick and easy.

The AccuFit stock system allows users to easily customize the length of pull and comb height for a comfortable fit.

Is the Savage 110 High Country a good rifle for hunting in rugged terrains?

The Savage 110 High Country is specifically designed for hunting in rugged terrains. Its lightweight design, durable construction, and adjustable features suit such environments well.

Can I change the barrel of my Savage 110 High Country to a different caliber?

Yes, with proper tools and knowledge, it is possible to change the barrel of your Savage 110 High Country to a different caliber.


In conclusion, the Savage 110 High Country has its fair share of potential problems and solutions.

Although these issues may be concerning at first glance, they can easily be avoided by carefully following all instructions in the user manual, ensuring regular maintenance, and using proper safety procedures when hunting with your firearm.

With some knowledge and care, you can enjoy your Savage 110 High Country for many years.

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